Paleo Jim-Success or Failure?

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Some of you may recall back in January I was tracking a clients health and weight loss goals on the Paleo diet and sharing them with you. It’s been a while since I have shared any information but here is the final instalment.

Just to recap when we started Jim statistics were as follows-

Waist- 100cm

Weight- 85.6kilos

His goal was to get down to 79 kilos and lose some belly fat. Jim is a middle-aged man with an autoimmune disease and he was suffering from aching joints and fatigue. He had in the past tried a few different weight loss solutions and hadn’t had any luck.

Going Paleo meant he had to make some very drastic changes to his diet- no more grains, processed foods, sugars, beans, pulses, starches or dairy and sticking to a diet full of nuts, seafood, meat, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats.

Here is Jim’s final statistics-

Waist- 95.5cm (a loss of 4.5cm)

Weight- 78.6 (a loss of 7 kilos)

Yes it absolutely was a success! Jim’s goal was to get to 79 kilos, he has more than reached that target and today weighed in at 78.6 kilo’s. Jim began this journey in January and it has taken nearly 5 months to get to his goal, but he got there!

Aside from the weight loss which is of course something he is very happy about Jim is feeling less fatigued and having fewer inflammatory symptoms. We have seen a reduction in his inflammatory markers such as CRP and ESR on his most recent blood test.

You will notice from the graph that a couple of months ago the weight jumped back up to 83 kilos. Jim had started a new job and swayed away from Paleo, he was working away from home and had a lot of difficulty sticking to the regime.

Paleo is a permanent change in lifestyle not a DIET and I think it’s to be expected that most people we will stray every now and again, its a good idea not to give yourself a hard time when you do stray but instead just get back on the horse! The important thing is to have strategies in place so that its easier to stick to your new found health regime. Jim and I discussed menu planning and food preparation during our naturopathic Skype consultations.

Going Paleo does require more planning, you can’t just get up in the morning and open a packet of cereal. Setting aside time to batch cook and freeze some foods is a great way of preventing you from making a bad choice when you don’t feel like cooking.

I would like to take the opportunity to Thank Jim for letting me publish his results and I hope together we  have demonstrated how a change in diet can make a positive difference to our weight and our overall health.