Reluctance to change

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A patient’s story.

One of the most challenging things I come across as a Naturopath is people’s reluctance to change, changing lifelong habits is a very hard thing to do. I recently had a very interesting discussion with a client who has experienced arthritic pain for many years, I have over the course of months tried to encourage him to make dietary adjustments, which will help his condition.

Two months ago he told me he has been struggling to make those changes so I asked him why and this was his answer-

Can you guarantee it will help my pain?

I have lived like this for so long and I can put up with it.

Even though I know it is affecting my quality of life its not life threatening.

Lastly he said, I can’t remember what it’s like to live without pain so I really don’t know what I could be gaining.

Changing your diet is not easy, the rewards rarely happen over night and of course I can’t make any guarantees that the pain level will decrease but in my experience it has ALWAYS helped to some degree. Back to my client. Since this time I have managed to approach it slightly differently and he is starting to make those changes AND reaping the benefits.

Here is what I did.

I put him on anti-inflammatory herbs

I took him through some dietary changes in baby steps, which he was more likely to follow

I initially added in foods before I began to take the bad stuff out!

I encouraged him to try acupuncture, massage and tai chi

The result?

His inflammatory markers in his blood are way down and more importantly he feels better and admits ‘ it may not look like it but I am now starting to smile on the inside!’

Now that he has begun his journey to change and he is seeing the benefits the adjustments will become easier. He is now on the road to a less painful existence.