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Predominantly naturopaths use medicines derived from nature to achieve a state of optimum wellness. Naturopathic medicine can either prevent disease or slow the progression and development of existing disease. It is widely recognised and used in conjunction with mainstream medicine and is one of the fastest growing areas of natural therapies today.

Clinical Nutrition

Nutrition is the cornerstone of naturopathy. Food is used to maintain good health and treat illness. Research shows that food greatly impacts our health. Common conditions can be alleviated with a good diet. Many people benefit greatly by having dietary guidance, some modification of the diet can be the key to alleviating a chronic health problem.

Herbal Medicine

Plant substances are powerful medicines that are both safe and effective when used correctly. Many synthetic drugs were originally derived from plants and the use of plants as medicine dates back hundreds of years and across many cultures. Scientific research states how effective herbal medicine can be. Herbs can be taken as a tea, in liquid form or a tablet.

Lifestyle Counselling

Treating the body as a whole and addressing issues such as stress, sleep, exercise, diet and mental health are the basic principles of good health. All of these things contribute to our longevity. Learning simple strategies to allow you to work within the boundaries of your life can be the key to your general wellbeing and disease prevention.


More Services

Functional Testing

In order to gain further knowledge about your health or when symptoms are not responding to treatment a functional test may be recommended. Tests can give us information about your sensitivity to particular foods and your digestive health or the function of your hormones. They can also be used to alert us to any deficiencies you may have. This enables a more complete picture of the factors influencing your current state of health and how to most rapidly improve it.

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Developed in Germany over 200 years ago Homoeopathy involves treating a person with highly diluted substances designed to trigger the immune system to heal itself. Homoeopathic remedies are non toxic and safe for everyone to use no matter what medications they are taking. In Europe it is commonly used along side orthodox medicine.


Live Blood Analysis (coming soon)

A finger-prick of blood is taken and observed under a medical microscope, it assesses your current state of health at a cellular level. We observe and analyse white cells, red cells and platelets. Live blood analysis is a tool that identifies critical information about your overall health and helps to determine the best advice and treatment plan for you.

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The food detective test is a quick reliable IgG test done in clinic with just a finger prick sample of blood. If you are experiencing bloating or digestive upset after eating, skin problems, fatigue or have headaches for no apparent reason this may be the test you need. By removing problem foods you can feel better within days. Please note this is a test for food intolerances not food allergies which is often characterised by a severe and immediate response to foods such as peanuts or shellfish.


“Feeling sluggish and lethargic is not a normal state of health. Taking small simple steps to adjust your lifestyle can greatly affect the way you will feel tomorrow”

Cody Kennedy