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“I like to work in such a way that your body is given the best chance to heal itself. Health is a combination of past medical history, lifestyle, genetics, environment and constitutional limitations. I consider all of these things when determining your treatment plan.” Cody Kennedy

Cody Kennedy and CK Health have been selected as a finalist in the Lake Macquarie Business Excellence Awards for a major award: “Business Leader of the Year”

At CK Health the focus is on YOU and your health. The body’s healing powers are amazing. When given the right path, tools and guidance, the body will respond.

Cody is a true Naturopathic Practitioner. She encompasses every aspect of your life to help you heal. Vitamins, iridology, herbalism, health supplements, complimentary medicines and naturopathic nutrition are just some of the many tools Cody has in her armoury to tackle your heath challenges.

The benefits of Naturopathy are not to be under estimated. Traditional Medicine has been around for many years for good reason. It gets results. Cody knows how to get those results. Just some of the health issues that Cody has and continues to help people with are:

IBS, Digestive Problems, Skin Problems, Fatigue, Arthritis, Thyroid Conditions & Fibromyalgia, Digestive Health, Thyroid Support, Skin Conditions Autoimmune Conditions, Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Neurological Disorders & Sleep Conditions, Reflux, Nausea/Indigestion, Cramping, Bloating, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Microbiome Balancing (Parasites), Anxiety and Stress Management, Dermatitis, Eczema & Psoriasis.

CK Health services the entire Lake Macquarie and Newcastle areas including all the Hunter Region. We also conduct Skype consultations across the globe.

If you wish to be part of a growing number of people who have helped take back control of their health by having a consult with Cody Kennedy, then please book an appointment today.

Clinical Nutrition

Nutrition is the cornerstone of naturopathy. Food is used to maintain good health and treat illness. Research shows that food greatly impacts our health…

Herbal Medicine

Plant substances are powerful medicines that are both safe and effective when used correctly. Many synthetic drugs were originally derived from plants…

Lifestyle Counselling

Treating the body as a whole and addressing issues such as stress, sleep, exercise, diet and mental health are the basic principles of good health…

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‘Nature itself is the best physician’

by Hippocrates

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