5 Top Weight Loss Mistakes

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5 Top Weight Loss Mistakes

1. Snacking after dinner.

Cheese, chocolate or a glass of wine are all high in calories and common after dinner treats. It’s a hard habit to break but trying to replace this with a cup of herbal tea can drop your calorie intake each day.

2. Comfort eating.

It’s so easy when we are feeling down to opt for a hot chocolate, a muffin or a slice of cake. Finding calorie free alternatives is the answer- a massage, a facial or a long hot bath will lift your spirits and make you feel great!

3. The exercise excuse.

It’s winter and in colder months is so easy to eat more and exercise less. Keeping up with your exercise program will stop you from piling on the pounds in winter.

4. Eating before you exercise.

Exercising before you eat can force your body to use stored fat as its fuel supply. Try this 3 times a week.

5. Weekend treats.

It’s the weekend and you have been good all week! A lunch out, a special dessert or our favorite take away. It can all add up to a lot more calories than you normally have in a day. Limit your weekend treats and be aware they count too!