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Cody believes the human body is really smart. Smart enough to heal itself with just a little help. As principal Newcastle naturopath, at the national award winning clinic CK Health, she offers this help to people with a passion to support clients toward their version of optimal wellness.

She has a special interest in helping people with autoimmune diseases such as MS, Crohns, Ulcerative Colitis and Lupus SLE. She has extensive experience treating complex health conditions such as lyme disease and mould toxicity. Cody has completed further studies in gut health and holds an Honours degree in Complementary Medicine. She is also fully qualified to address a multitude of health concerns.

Cody has been working in the natural health industry for over 19 years. She understands the hurdles and challenges people with health problems face. Cody has been personally touched by Lupus (SLE) because her husband has the disease. Her passion to help people with autoimmune diseases was initially sparked as a direct result of travelling this health journey with him.

Cody believes that you must first address the cause of the health problem to then achieve ‘Better Health’. After this, it’s a matter of combining the right blend of nutrition, lifestyle modifications and supplements. All of these things together create a better environment for the body to function and repair.

Cody has recently completed an Honours Degree in Complimentary Medicines Management and Is always eager to learn. Her keen interest in research has awarded her a Graduate Diploma in Evidence Based Medicine. Everything Cody recommends has been researched, tested and researched again!

“I like to work in such a way that your body is given the best chance to heal itself. Health is a combination of past medical history, lifestyle, genetics, environment and constitutional limitations. I consider all of these things when determining your treatment plan.”

“Sometimes it’s just a matter of learning simple things and applying them in daily life to improve health. I like to help you get back to enjoy everything life has to offer. Together we work towards making your health goals a reality.”

When she’s not consulting online from her Naturopathy clinic in Newcastle, Cody loves dreaming of her next travel adventure and playing frisbee with her energetic young son.


Cody studied at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies and holds advanced diplomas in naturopathy, western herbal medicine, homoeopathy and nutrition. She also has a Graduate Certificate in Evidence Based Complementary Medicine. She recently completed a Bachelor of  Medicines Management with Honours in Complementary Medicine. She has been a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society since 2001, the largest natural therapy association in Australia.

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Emma understands that no two consultations or treatments will be the same. She is very passionate about treating every person individually and working on an approach that works best for them.

She has a special interest in helping women with hormonal imbalances, irregular menstrual cycles, preconception, stress and exhaustion. Emma also has extensive experience treating thyroid conditions including hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, Hashimotos and Graves disease, as well as insulin resistance and weight loss difficulties.

In her spare time Emma enjoys practicing yoga, bushwalking, travel, learning about other cultures and is forever seeking connections with the natural world in order to bring alignment to her life and those around her.


Emma obtained her Bachelor of Health Science Naturopathy from the Australasian College of Natural Therapies in 2019 and is a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. She is currently completing her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Byron Yoga Centre.

Emma Drady


Mish is an extremely thorough Naturopath. She leaves no stone unturned. She has an uncanny ability to get to the bottom of things in a very methodical, researched way. Mish invests her time in getting to the real cause/s of your health challenges. Rest assured, you are in good hands when you come and see Mish.

Her main area of interest are helping people with gut issues particularly constipation, diarrhoea, pain and bloating.

Mish also has an interest in treating the broad spectrum of hormonal disorders such as PCOS, irregular periods, pain, PMS, endometriosis, migraines and all the symptoms that go with menopause.

Having three children of her own, she also loves helping children and young adults.

Outside of work, Mish loves really long bushwalks, cycling, travelling and hanging out with her family and dog, Pedro.


Mish completed her studies at Nature Care College in Sydney in 1998.

Her qualifications include Advanced Diploma Naturopathy, Diploma Nutrition and a Diploma Herbal Medicine.

Mish has also completed extensive masterclass training in blood diagnostics and continually consults with and learns from experts in the field of gut and hormone issues.

She remains forever the student with regular mentoring sessions to stay on top of the latest evidence based research.  She has been a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society since 1998.

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“To empower people to make the changes needed for optimal health”

CK Health’s Vision

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