Cody believes the human body is really smart. Smart enough to heal itself with just a little help. As principal Newcastle naturopath, at the national award winning clinic CK Health, she offers this help to people with a passion to support clients toward their version of optimal wellness.

Cody has been working in the natural health industry for over 19 years. She understands the hurdles and challenges people with health problems face. Cody has been personally touched by Lupus (SLE) because her husband has the disease. Her passion to help people with autoimmune diseases was initially sparked as a direct result of travelling this health journey with him.

Cody believes that you must first address the cause of the health problem to then achieve ‘Better Health’. After this, it’s a matter of combining the right blend of nutrition, lifestyle modifications and supplements. All of these things together create a better environment for the body to function and repair.

Cody has recently completed an Honours Degree in Complimentary Medicines Management and Is always eager to learn. Her keen interest in research has awarded her a Graduate Diploma in Evidence Based Medicine. Everything Cody recommends has been researched, tested and researched again!

“I like to work in such a way that your body is given the best chance to heal itself. Health is a combination of past medical history, lifestyle, genetics, environment and constitutional limitations. I consider all of these things when determining your treatment plan.”

Sometimes it’s just a matter of learning simple things and applying them in daily life to improve health. I like to help you get back to enjoy everything life has to offer. Together we work towards making your health goals a reality.”

When she’s not consulting in her Naturopathy clinic in Newcastle, Cody loves dreaming of her next travel adventure and playing frisbee with her energetic six-year-old son.


Cody studied at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies and holds advanced diplomas in naturopathy, western herbal medicine, homoeopathy and nutrition. She also has a Graduate Certificate in Evidence Based Complementary Medicine. She recently completed a Bachelor of  Medicines Management with Honours in Complementary Medicine. She has been a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society since 2001, the largest natural therapy association in Australia.

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  • Eat a rainbow
  • Eat more plants
  • Eat less processed foods

Cheree believes that by focusing on these three simple guidelines, you can improve your nutrient intake dramatically and your health. If you eat a broad range of colours and ingredients, you will be getting a very wide range of vitamins, mineral and plant nutrients (otherwise known as phytochemicals) that can help you meet your nutritional needs every day and reduce your risk of health issues.

Cheree wants to support couples become the parents they dream of being. Her focus, as both a nutritionist and naturopath, is primarily on fertility issues, prenatal planning, and pregnancy support. She loves supporting the health needs of babies and children, and wants to empower parents to be in charge of their health journey. When she’s not in clinic, she’s often exploring nature with her two beautiful girls.


Cheree graduated in 2015 and is fully qualified in Naturopathy, Nutrition and Western Herbal Medicine. She graduated from the WEA Academy of Complementary Health and is the president of the alumni. She is a qualified chef and is passionate about using food as medicine. She has done further study in preconception, pregnancy/IVF support and naturopathic paediatric support for babies and children’s health.

Cheree Sheldon

“To empower people to make the changes needed for optimal health”

CK Health’s Vision

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