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The countdown to Christmas is on. You can hear the jingling of bells, and smell the plum puddings already.

Perhaps you’ve been able to cross some gifts off your Christmas list, but a person or two have left you stumped. Mums on a health kick, Uncle Geoffrey is obsessing about climate change and your favourite niece is now a vegan and you’ve got no idea what is a suitable gift for them.

Don’t worry! We’ve collated some amazing ideas that are either local, sustainable, or are awesome experiences so you can gift that special person in your life with something they will really appreciate! Here we go:

  1. If you are in to locally made organic products with sustainable packaging then Twig botanicals is fantastic. We love the deodorant, however this could be a controversial gift! Stick with the lip balms in cardboard packaging or the amazing wonderbalm.
  2. Sauna gift voucher for those people on a mission to detox and lose weight in 2020. Here at CK Health we have the best infrared sauna and it is such an affordable gift idea! Just call us to purchase.
  3. Keep the coffee lover in your life happy with these beautiful pottery keep cups. Good for the planet and looks lovely!
  4. Got a foodie friend that is really careful about what they eat?? What about a voucher at Mama P? The food there is so yum and really health aware.
  5. Our brand new ‘Salt Room’ is now open! It’s the perfect gift for anyone with asthma, sinus issues, anxiety, skin problems or chest congestion.
  6. Locally made teas are a lovely idea for a different gift. Infuse Herbal Teas has some beautiful blends, including the delicious Revive fitness blend.
  7. When you decide to choose an organic lifestyle, hair care is one thing that a lot of women struggle with, but Nesbitt Hair at Cooks Hill have it covered! As a gift you can pre-pay their next haircut and colour for them or pick up a treatment pack!
  8. If you’ve got a Mumma to be in your life, then Yum Mum Tum is a great new shop in Hamilton that has beautiful maternity and breastfeeding clothes and products.
  9. Speaking of new mums, a voucher for a lactation consultant could be the most amazing gift you could give a new mumma. Give Emma a call.
  10. Got an anxious child that you need to buy for? Consider gifting them a Boss Brain Program at Life Matters.
  11. Give the gift of health with these specials from CK Health. For $125 you’ll get a sauna session, salt room session and a custom made herbal tonic.
  12. Here’s a few more ideas from Scoop for that healthy foodie friend: Moon Macas, seriously divine honey covered macadamias dipped in chocolate! A lovely jar of granola, or mixed nuts with choc covered goji berries!
  13. A different idea is to have a look at reusable packaging options. Beeswax wraps, metal straws, fabric sandwich bags, net fruit and veg bags etc! Alternatives to single use products are always welcome in the health-conscious home!
  14. Give the gut a present with some fermented foods locally made by Wholefood Family! Kim Chi for me please!!
  15. If your family have been dreaming of a water filter that removes heavy metals as well as 99% of Flouride, check out Zazen We currently have 2 in stock for sale below RRP. We only stock the hand blown glass bottom variety to help reduce our plastic exposure (and waste!).  At 5c a litre you can’t go wrong!
  16. Another food idea, but this time using Australian native flavours! Founded by Wiradjuri man Herb Smith in Wellington, to extend the production of Australian native herbs.
  17. Up cycle Newcastle has been hosting some really cool workshops and events to get people more aware of reusing products. Why not gift someone a workshop about mending clothes or making bags from old shirts??
  18. A mushroom growing kit is a really unique present. This one is a local company!
  19. If you know someone who needs to de-stress then why not buy them a voucher for a massage. We love Seashelle Massage based in Mayfield.
  20. And lastly, Let’s talk about Your Food Collective! Another locally run company who source food from local farmers and producers. Seasonal, fresh, delicious food that you order online and can collect right here at CK Health on Wednesdays and Fridays! Check out the hamper options for some great gift ideas.



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