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Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Having a baby is a time of excitement as you prepare for the enormous life changes that are ahead of you. It is a time in life when everything needs to be adjusted: your work, your relationships and your purse strings! Incorporating massage into your life during this time of change can be a great…

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Gut Health Secrets

Learn how to restore your gut flora and improve your health! You may have heard all the hype lately about gut health but do you know why it’s so important? One of the guts most important jobs is to act as a storage site for friendly bacteria. For every human cell there is 10 microbes…


Gut Health Secrets Revealed (FREE Talk)

Restore Your Health From The Inside Out WHATS ALL THE FUSS ABOUT? It seems like everyone is talking about gut health, taking this probiotic or singing the praises of that fermented food. BUT what does good gut health actually look like? If everything is on the inside, how can we know we’re doing the right thing by our gut? During…