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Weight Loss in Winter

We are biologically designed to store fat in winter. Historically, when we were cave dwellers, it kept us warm and alive. Come Spring, we had used up our energy store and off we ran into the sunshine, back to balance again. In our current environment, we don’t eat or act according to the seasons. Some…


Mind Altering Microbes (free talk)

how your gut health affects your mood Do you suffer from anxiety or depression? Have you had a life time of taking anti depressants and trying different solutions for your mental health without resolution? Anxiety and Depression are 2 of the most crippling conditions a person can experience and they are becoming increasingly common. One…


Alive an Curious (paid event)

KIDS & FOOD: The links & practical tips for your growing people KIDS & FOOD: the links and practical tips for your growing people. Could the food your child is eating or not eating be affecting their behaviour, mood, learning, sleep or anxiety? Are you keen to “check in” to make sure you are on…