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Are you a member of a group hosting an event and would like a professional Award Winning speaker to talk on Health? Then look no further than the highly qualified naturopaths: Cheree Sheldon and Cody Kennedy

Why Cody Kennedy?

Cody is a Newcastle Naturopath who speaks with passion and authority. The information given is delivered in an entertaining and engaging manner. Be rest assured you will never experience death by power-point at any of Cody’s talks.

What does she talk about?

Cody will get into the science in a way that you are sure to understand. Complex ideas and even the simple ideas are presented in an easy to digest manner.


Cody has presented on many different health related topics and here is an example of a few recent topical subjects:

• Gut Health Secrets

• Menopause – Riding the wave naturally

• Sleep – Matters

• and Managing Chronic Pain

Why Cheree Sheldon?

Cheree has a passion for the subject of healthy babies and preconception. She has conducted talks on many occasions and is fully qualified and educated to speak on these subjects.

Cheree is not only good at educating, she is very engaging and entertaining at the same time.

A talk by Cheree is not to be missed.

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stay tuned for upcoming exciting events

Lyme Like Illness (free talk)

Lyme like illness is a debate in Australia than continues to be had but there is a growing number of Australian who have become sick following a tick bite. Lyme like illness is very real and debilitating condition, symptoms can range from nausea, weight loss and fatigue to tingling and anxiety. Cody Kennedy Naturopath has…


Mind Altering Microbes (free talk)

how your gut health affects your mood Do you suffer from anxiety or depression? Have you had a life time of taking anti depressants and trying different solutions for your mental health without resolution? Anxiety and Depression are 2 of the most crippling conditions a person can experience and they are becoming increasingly common. One…


Alive an Curious (paid event)

KIDS & FOOD: The links & practical tips for your growing people KIDS & FOOD: the links and practical tips for your growing people. Could the food your child is eating or not eating be affecting their behaviour, mood, learning, sleep or anxiety? Are you keen to “check in” to make sure you are on…


Adamstown Wellness Day Sun 26th May 19

As part of “Natural Medicine Week 2019”, CK Health, in conjunction with Infuse Health are hosting a “Wellness Day” on Sunday 26th May from 8:30am – 2:30pm, at 4/10 William St Adamstown NSW. The event will have yoga and movement classes, educational talks, food demonstrations, breath workshops, mini massages, naturopathy and reiki consultations, food and…


Sleep Matters – (Free Talk) The Meditation Space

Conquering Insomnia and Discovering Healthy Sleep Description Healthy sleep matters. So does conquering nagging insomnia. In this free event run in tandem by CK health and Life Matters Psychologists, you will learn about overcoming the stress and anxiety that comes with insomnia and key strategies on creating and maintaining healthy sleep patterns. Award winning local…


Gut Health Secrets Revealed (FREE Talk)

Restore Your Health From The Inside Out WHATS ALL THE FUSS ABOUT? It seems like everyone is talking about gut health, taking this probiotic or singing the praises of that fermented food. BUT what does good gut health actually look like? If everything is on the inside, how can we know we’re doing the right thing by our gut? During…

Image of the Health Infusion event

40 Day Health Infusion

Do you feel like your diet and lifestyle needs a fresh start in 2019? Join us for a comprehensive health challenge in conjunction with Infuse Health which aims to incorporate all elements of cleansing – both your body and mind. The program includes all of the essential nutrition, tools, activities and education to ensure that…