Feeding your child for lifelong health

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How do you feed your child? Is it something you are completely confused about? Does the right choice seem to escape you and seemingly the healthy option turns out not to be so healthy after all! I have a 2 year old and I believe that the food I feed him now will be reflected in his wellbeing later in life. It is the foundation of his health.

In the past 50 years we have made many advances in medicine and yet the basis of our longevity is still hampered simply by our diet. We live on processed foods high in omega 6, which only serves to increase inflammation and cause damage to our body creating cardiovascular disease, cancers, diabetes and obesity.

What is the way forward?

I believe from a very early age we need to teach children what to eat and encourage them to be interested in where food comes from and how it makes that journey to our plant. Our society is keen for everything to be fast and easy- take away, pre packaged foods, we search for the the tick of approval in the supermarket because we are so confused what is a healthy choice and what isn’t. Eating is not about getting something to the plate as quickly and easily as possible, it is a process! I store organic homemade chicken patties in the freezer and when I do want something quick and easy I grab one of those and make some veggies. Simple, unprocessed and easy.

Building a relationship with food starts at a young age and continues through life. A diet which resembles food as close to its natural state is what is recommended with all meat being grass fed so the omega 6/3 ratio is in balance and eating non sprayed fruit and vegetables whenever possible. Take your child out into the garden and show them the herbs, veggies and plants growing, let them see the connection and water the plants. They will thank you for it later!