Goal Setting

This year it’s not just a New Year, it’s a new decade! With that come new hopes, new dreams, and new aspirations.

New Years Resolutions don’t work, as a resolution is just a “firm decision to do or not to do something”. Only 8% of people who set a new years resolution actually make them happen. So how do you turn your dreams into reality? New Goals!

By planning and plotting you can really help yourself achieve your goals.

A massive percentage of our population struggles with depression, and it is said, that one aspect of depression is when you feel like you can’t achieve what you set out to do. Anxiety occurs when expectation doesn’t match reality. Can something as simple as setting better goals at the start of a new year improve your mental health?? Why don’t you try it, and see for yourself!!

Here’s a ten-step method to help you start 2020 with some amazing goals.

  1. Spend some time reflecting on the past year, and then the past decade. By looking at your past wins and losses you can learn from your mistakes, and replicate strategies from your successes. Have you been pottering about and just hoping for the best for the past year or so, or have you developed a road map for yourself and are doing your best to navigate it?
  2. Acknowledge that achieving a goal won’t miraculously change your life, but perhaps it’s working towards the goal that will! There’s too many people waiting for that “special something” to happen in their life so they can be happy, or worry free once that happens. However, once that “something” happens, it brings a whole new set of responsibilities. For example, your health goal might be to lose 10kg. You have been following a meal plan, exercising and have finally achieved your goal. YAY! Now what? If you go back to the life you were leading pre-weight loss, you will gain it all back on, so now comes a new regime so you can maintain this loss. Enjoying the process of making the goal happen is a critical part of long-term success. The attitude you adopt along the way will make the journey just as exciting as reaching the goal, and perhaps be the life changing event itself!
  3. Make goals for all the areas in your life. Don’t just focus on one area, everything flows on. Set goals for finances, health, work, relationships and spirituality.
  4. Make your goals fluid. Allow these gaols to guide you on your journey. A SMART goal is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and usually has a Time to achieve it. However, change the T out of Smart goal from TIME to THINK. Don’t pressure yourself with time; instead think about how working towards a goal is beneficial to you. Instead of saying “I want to lose weight” let’s break it down more: Goal = I want to lose 5kg in 2 months.
    1. Action 1: I will see my naturopath and take a herbal tonic to help boost metabolism.
    2. Action 2: I will stop having dessert every night and replace it with herbal tea.
    3. Action 3: I will take my measurements on the first day of every month and weigh myself every Sunday morning.
  5. Write your goals down and stick them up where you can see them. Declare them to be yours! Post them publicly; stick them on your fridge, on your mirror, and as your screen saver. Make them pretty. Do a vision board to help you stay focused!
  6. Track your progress. Get a chore chart and write your own plan on it, fill it in with stickers or a big tick when you progress. Depending on your gaols you can monitor changes with things like finance tracking sheets, heart rate monitors, scales, mood appraisal forms, clothes sizes, and blood tests.
  7. Recruit a friend. Having a buddy to work out with, or bounce ideas off when you are trying to achieve a goal will help you stay focused and accountable. You won’t want to let your buddy down, so are more likely to turn up for a session together, but you may have cancelled in the past when you were on your own.
  8. Be consistent. You don’t need to achieve your goals by Australia day! Slow and steady really does win the race. Making small, achievable changes in a slow systematic fashion means they are more likely to be long-term changes
  9. Be accountable. Sign up for a club. Join a Facebook support group. Pay for naturopathic consultations. Stop making excuses and follow your plan!
  10. Set yourself some awesome rewards for achieving small goals on the way and have a party when you hit the big ones! Celebrating all your wins is so important for your brain to cement the new pathways in!

Leave us a message below and let us know how you go! We would love to see your goals and be able to support you achieving them!

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