Health Trends

With the state of the world so prominent in people’s minds in 2019, the decisions people make in 2020 around their health are going to be dramatically different to what we’ve seen in recent years.

Firstly, people will continue to embrace technology and utilise wearable technology that tracks health outcomes.

Smart phone sensors that analyse your food intake, air, blood and sweat production, are predicted to become cheaply available and people will use these to measure their health biometrics.

Virtual wellness has been progressing for a few years, however, in 2020 more people will use Skype, zoom, telecalls or other technology-based service to access health care.

On the opposite end of the spectrum and getting as far away from technology as possible, is also something that will be on a lot of people’s minds.

Protests against 5G and awareness of the damage of EMF’s and WIFI will become more mainstream as people want to care for the planet at the same time as caring for their health.

Wellness experiences will be everywhere. Pop up health and wellness markets, or fitness classes, health and wellness festivals and nature retreats will become increasingly more important to the general population.

People will be looking for wellness holidays with low environmental impact or ways that they can actively help improve the health of the planet.

Tree planting days and beach clean ups will be regular events.

With more people aware of the impact meat farming has on our climate, a push towards sustainable farming practices will drive change in the beef industry, while more people embrace a plant based diet. Meat substitutes will be easily available and less processed than in the past.

People will make food and wellness choices based on what is low waste, local, sustainable and has more value for the planet. People will demand single use plastic be banned and utilise more sustainable options such as bio plastic made from sugarcane.

Good quality vitamin B12 and iron will be prescribed more, as people realise their plant based diets need a bit of extra nutritional support.

Vagus nerve activation and cortisol reduction will be a focus during exercise regimes. Using exercise as preventative medicine and turning towards activities that reward, empower and reduce stress will be a thing.

Instead of being focused on weight loss, there will be a shift to mindful eating and eating for your genes. Functional foods such as collagen, hemp, broccoli sprouts and seaweed will be used as medicine to make a shift towards wellbeing.

As people become more mindful in their eating, there will be a reduction in the use of processed snack foods, and a shift towards whole grains, and real foods. Particularly locally grown, in-season foods.

There will a growing awareness of functional medicine and the benefits of using a holistic health care system over the mainstream model.

Lastly, gut health will continue to be a health trend. With fermented foods, prebiotics, and gut supporting diets used by more people. Get your 7-day gut health meal plan by CK Health here:

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