Held every Tuesday at 10am

Salt Room Playgroup

Our CK Health “Salt Room Playgroup” is a ½ hr session in the purpose-built salt room, for up to 6 children with an adult.

It is a calm and inviting playroom, with the addition of a non-invasive therapy and you have the ability to talk with one of our child specialist Naturopaths during the session (they will attend for part of the session).

It’s just like a big salty sandpit.

There are many benefits of salt therapy for kids. It can be great for asthma, croup, skin conditions, injuries, mental health and stress relief.

It can also help with persistent coughs, stuffy noses, mouth breathers, scratchy skin, high energy, sleep issues, and also just for healthy kids to stay healthy!  

Experience the magic of salt with your child. Our kids salt room sessions are a safe and fun environment with lots of sensory play for kids.

Much like the gym, you will get more benefit from going regularly, so join our weekly program and make that time for yourself and your children.

It’s a chance for you to relax and the kids to renew.

The Salt Room Playgroup is held in CK Health’s salt room every Tues for ½ hr at 10am.

We do look forward to seeing you when you come in

Cost is only $17 and you get to chat with one of our Naturopaths that specialise in children and their health.
Experience the Salt Room Playgroup!
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Every Tuesday at 10am
Limited space available