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Infrared Sauna


Infrared Sauna opening hours:

At CK Health we offer a state of the art, full spectrum (near, mid and far)

3 person Infrared sauna experience.

Our sauna is spacious and private, allowing you to share a session with a family member a friend or have some quiet time alone.

If it’s your first session at CK Health our reception team will take you to the secluded sauna room and guide you through the process.

Our Sauna is made from Eucalyptus, not the traditional cedar so a mild scent of eucalyptus can be smelt on entry.  If you would like to take a bottle of water in to the sauna with you, please bring an enclosed non-glass bottle to avoid spillages.

During your session we encourage you to use the time to meditate, listen to some relaxing music or enjoy the silence. The sauna is equiped with in-built speakers and you can make your selection using the iPad provided, the CALM app is currently installed allowing you to choose music, a meditation or simply calming sounds.

In addition you can make use of the therapeutic benefits of the coloured LED lighting located in the ceiling of your sauna, colour therapy (Chromotherapy) can enhance detoxing, relaxation, fat loss, healing and lymphatic flow. Each light can be changed individually if you are sharing the sauna. You will be given a colour coding chart on arrival.

How does an Infrared sauna work?

An Infrared sauna differs to a regular sauna and is generally better tolerated. The heat is emitted from panels on the walls and floor, these panels emit waves of infrared which work deeply into your muscles and cells creating a detoxifying effect, unlike a regular sauna which works by creating heat around you.

Benefits of an Infrared Sauna

Pain Relief Using a combination of near, mid and far infrared waves the sauna provides natural pain relief. You will experience a reduction in inflammation and an increase blood flow. The waves penetrate the tissue at a cellular level to promote healing. Research confirms the benefits of infrared sauna use showing a clear decrease in stiffness and pain.

Weight loss This program starts with a higher intensity to encourage the body to cool itself, with an increase in heart rate and metabolism the body starts to work similar to exercise. Studies have shown you can burn up to 600 calories in one session.

Relaxation A session in the sauna gives you a chance to slow down and stop for a while. With the added benefit of the guided meditations and/or relaxation music (if desired) and colour therapy you will experience reduced muscle tension and overall relaxation.

Detoxification Starting at a higher intensity of heat to increase your core body temperature your cells will begin to release toxins. This setting is ideal for anyone with conditions such as lyme like illness.

Cardiovascular The sauna will initially heat to a higher temperature and your circulation will increase to encourage more balanced blood pressure. To enhance this effect make sure you drink plenty of water.

Immune system Heating your core temperature will boost immune activity. Studies have shown that using an Infrared sauna will increase white blood cell production and collagen.

Skin Regular sweating works to open the pores and increase blood flow promoting healing. With the faster turn over of cells regular sauna session have been of benefit to people suffering eczema, acne and psoriasis. Near waves have been shown to promote faster skin renewal, wound healing and cell health.

Anti ageing The near infrared waves improve skin tone, elasticity and firmness. This can be useful for wrinkles and cellulite.

Research Studies

Infrared Sauna rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis

Infrared Sauna and immune function

Infrared Sauna, blood pressure and weight loss

Enjoy a session in our new Infrared sauna for only $45