The benefits of sole water

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I have been doing a fair bit of research lately on trace minerals, it seems that these minerals which are only needed in small amounts are becoming more and more absent from our diet. We don’t get the volume of minerals we used to from our food, this is largely because our soil is so over farmed that many of the nutrients that were once so readily available are now diminished.

This has led me to seek out other ways we can get our much needed intake of these micronutrients. Enter sole water (pronouncer SO LAY). This is in a nutshell a concentrated salt and water solution, which can help rehydrate us and draw toxins and heavy metals out of the body.

We are constantly told of the harmful effects of salt but it has health benefits too and if you have a diet of unprocessed foods or you exercise excessively then you need to make sure you are having some salt as well as other minerals. Drinking soley can help to re mineralize the body, reduce muscle cramps and constipation, restore the alkaline/acidity balance, regulate blood sugar levels, clear up congestion in the lungs and sinus and finally give us some much needed energy!

Here is how to make your own Sole-

What you will need

A Glass Jar and lid

1-2 cups of Himalayan Salt or Celtic Salt (a mix of the 2 is best)

Filtered water


Fill the jar one third full of salt

Top up with filtered water, leaving a thumb sized gap at the top

Put the lid on and shake the jar

Leave overnight to let the salt dissolve

The next day, check if there is any salt left in the bottom of the jar. If there isn’t add more salt, you need to keep doing this daily until there is salt left at the bottom. This will mean the water is completely saturated with the salt.

How to drink  Put one teaspoon of sole in a glass of filtered water and drink each morning before food, this will help aid digestion and elimination and rebalance the mineral content in the body. If you suffer from muscle cramps this could be your lifesaving treatment!

Please note if you have any health conditions consult your doctor before drinking Sole.