Having Trouble Sleeping?

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At some point in our lives we all have trouble sleeping.

Various reasons can keep us awake at night. A worrying situation, medication, menopause or peri menopause, pain, an overactive mind, these can all contribute to a sleepless night.

As a general guide you can try these tips-

After 15-20 minutes if you are not asleep, get up and do something quiet. Don’t reach for that iphone, read a book or a magazine instead.

If you know you are going through a period of sleep disturbance avoid napping during the day.

Get into the habit of writing down what is bothering you or tasks you need to complete the next day, resolve to do them or address your concerns in the morning.

Don’t go to bed too early, aim for a 10pm bedtime and aim to get up around 7am-7.30am each day.

Go outside when you get up in the morning and into the sun. This helps to regulate your body clock.

Alcohol aggravates night waking so if you are prone to waking up around 2-3am avoid drinking.

Avoid caffeine after 3pm.

Tai chi, yoga and massage can all have a positive effect on sleep quality.

If your sleep problem has an underlying medical reason there are many things you can do with Naturopathy and Nutrition that may help.

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